• 2015 Logos
  • 2015 Logos

Two logo design options for the nature & travel photography studio LivePics.


Logo and icon design for Los Angeles based director & editor Ethan Shaftel.


Logo design for the Science Blog Timaios.

An educational and informative website by physicist Johannes Horak. See more collaborations with Timaios here

2015 Logos

The logo design is superimposed on the wonderful image of the gallaxy spiral ‘M 106’, located nearly 20 million light years away from our home planet. Image Credit: NASA, ESA, the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA), and R. Gendler (for the Hubble Heritage Team). Acknowledgment: J. GaBany. Click here to see the original image.

Logo design for the Austrian website garteln.com.

Garteln provides tips, tricks, DIY tutorials and videos on how to improve your green thumb. See more collaborations with Garteln here.


Logo and watermark design created for self-promotional purposes.