Parenting, Hiking, and Making Stuff: Because a Kid is for Life, Not Just For Christmas




Logo design for the blog ‘Not Just For Christmas’ by Jen Lumanlan. A blog, chronicling the experiences and explorations of a creative and adventurous mother, sharing information about topics such as backpacking, DIY’s, parenting philosophies and sustainabilty, all within the context of parenting, hiking and making stuff.

The logo represents the ‘Not Just For Christmas’ mother-daughter duo hiking – an integral aspect of the blog. I paired the drawing with a traditional serif font to achieve a down-to-earth, grounded feel whilst maintaining a handcrafted look.


Jen brought the design to life – remaining true to the making stuff aspect of her blog – by getting a polymer plate printed with my design and making her own business cards using letterpress printing, which she talks about in her blogpost here.



With the new logo, it was also time for a new look for her blog. I worked closely with Jen in setting up a custom newsletter and switching her blog to, using the ‘Redwood’ theme as the foundation of the new online presentation. This provided me the opportunity to put my HTML and CSS skills to work, and further strengthen my understanding of content management systems (wordpress) and PHP.